After reaching Trient, Rou came across an incident in which a young knight was being attacked by some thieves. After Rou saved him, the young knight requested the mercenary's help in rescuing a kidnapped princess. Parabellum easily accomplished the job but just as he was planning on leaving the city, the princess approached Ogarou with a request to escort her back to the capital. Though reluctant, Rou was tempted by the reward and accepted, but soon regretted it as the princess was proving to be a handful. GO >>

As Ogarou's team escorted the Tomboy Princess and the Boy Knight to the capital, they came across Mason Village, where they enjoyed the town's hot springs and liquor, before being invited to a party. A few days after leaving the village, Felicia and Alma Timiano fell into labor. As Rou's children threatened to burst out of their mother, he quickly found shelter in a cave in the Cluster Mountains, where he had to perform a Cesarean section on the sisters in order to save their lives. As a result, they each gave birth to a girl and boy Ogre-[Mixblood], which he named Oro and Argento. As his mistresses recovered from the birth, Rou went hunting, where he first found a White Deer. Though the Ogre wanted to try to kill and eat it, he quickly found out without even fighting it that he was no match for this particular Monster, instead settling for the horns it had dropped. He later came across a party of warriors battling some giant Fomor, and then their king, Balor. Just as they seemed to be in a tight spot facing the Giant King, Rou killed it, and in respect to the brave fight the warriors displayed, healed them, and then left.

The next day, having feasted on the giants and a small portion of the horns, Rou found that he had Ranked Up into an Apostle Lord-[Extinct Species]. The following day, Emery Furado and Spinel Fean gave birth to a boy High Ogre and a Human girl respectively, whom he named Oniwaka and Nicola. The following day, the party had finally reached the Dungeon City, Purgatory. GO >>

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