Currently there is 1231 different units in game (748 in monster index) as of 2017-11-23. Although some unit have same appearance, they are count as different unit as they have different rarity and ability to evolve or rank up.


The character/monster units in The Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles are divided into 3 race and 6 types.


Race Demi-Human Demihuman

  • This includes any sentient, subspecies, and various unit evolution of demihuman. This category includes goblins, elves, orcs, kobolds, beast-men and more.

Race Human Human

  • This is specific to humans. Similar to Demi-Human's evolution, Human can rank up (class change).

Race Beast Beast

  • This includes the animal, monster, undead and rest of the units. Like Horned Rabbit, Green Slime, Skeleton and etc.


体力 HP 魔力 Magic 攻撃 Attack
回避 Evasion 防衛 Defense 命中 Dexterity (Hit)


Unit Type
Type Warrior 重武装 Warrior Type Soldier 軽武装 Soldier
Type LongRanger 遠距離攻撃 Long Ranger Type Mage 魔法行使 Mage
Type Enhancer 後方支援 Enhancer Type Healer 医療 Healer


Rarity goes from lowest (N, N+, R, R+, SR, SSR, LE, LE+) highest.

Rarity N Rarity N+ Rarity R Rarity R+ Rarity SR Rarity SSR Rarity LE Rarity LE+

Units' rarity cannot be increased by any means.


Often preceding the name of the unit are a set of symbols: -, Evo Empty, and Evo Full. These symbols determine whether the unit has the ability to evolve and how many times it can evolve.

Symbol Meaning
[ - ] The unit cannot evolve.
Evo Empty Means that the unit can evolve and that it has not been achieved.
Evo Full Means that the unit had the ability to and has evolved.

The latter two can also appear has a combination. They work as a system to determine where in the evolution chain the unit is. For example, [ Evo Full Evo Empty ]means that the unit has two evolutions, that the first was achieved, and the second has yet to be completed.

Evo Empty Evo EmptyEvo Empty Evo EmptyEvo EmptyEvo Empty Evo EmptyEvo EmptyEvo EmptyEvo Empty Evo EmptyEvo EmptyEvo EmptyEvo EmptyEvo Empty
Evo Full Evo FullEvo Empty Evo FullEvo EmptyEvo Empty Evo FullEvo EmptyEvo EmptyEvo Empty Evo FullEvo EmptyEvo EmptyEvo EmptyEvo Empty
Evo FullEvo Full Evo FullEvo FullEvo Empty Evo FullEvo FullEvo EmptyEvo Empty Evo FullEvo FullEvo EmptyEvo EmptyEvo Empty
Evo FullEvo FullEvo Full Evo FullEvo FullEvo FullEvo Empty Evo FullEvo FullEvo FullEvo EmptyEvo Empty
Evo FullEvo FullEvo FullEvo Full Evo FullEvo FullEvo FullEvo FullEvo Empty
Evo FullEvo FullEvo FullEvo FullEvo Full

The requirements for evolution vary depending on the unit though the first requirement is always to max the level of the unit. After this the unit may be able to evolve, if not there may be up to two additional requirements. These requirements can range from particaption in hunts to consuming of a variety materials.

No matter how hard you try, if a unit has no Evo Empty it'll never evolve, regardless the fact that it reaches level 100 and / or meets any of the requirements.


All units max level it's predefined to be 50 by default.

If the unit can evolve, the max level available is 100. Once it evolves, it will have to level up all the way back. If the unit can even evolve further, the max level will be 100, otherwise it'll be 50, as any other unit.

A unit's level cap can be bypassed by consuming units of the same type.

Each consumption increases the max level by 25, which means that you'll need to sacrifice 2 units to make a 3rd max level cap increase until 100.

For example, a Rarity SR SmallEvo Full]Minokichi can be fed to a Rarity SR SmallEvo FullEvo Full]Minokichi in order to break the level cap the max level and allow it to level up to lvl 75.

Units don't need to be among the same Tier. Even if it feels like a waste, it's still doable.

An Rarity LE SmallEvo FullEvo EmptyEvo Empty]Minokichi can be fed to a Rarity SR SmallEvo FullEvo Full]Minokichi and the later will increase it's level cap.

Both evolutions and levels have great impact over the units' stats. The more times a unit has evolved and the higher the level it can reach, the higher its final stats will be.

As an example, 3 "SR" Rabbits from level 1 to level 100 stats:

Rabbit Name Growth Rarity Hp Atk
#1 Horn Rabbit Evo EmptyEvo Empty Rarity SR Small 420 - 840 50 - 101
#2 Blade Rabbit Evo Empty Rarity SR Small 588 - 1049 71 - 126
#1 Blade Rabbit Evo FullEvo Empty Rarity SR Small 616 - 1099 74 - 132
#3 Vorpal Bunny - Rarity SR Small 719 - 1260 76 - 151
#2 Vorpal Bunny Evo Full Rarity SR Small 759 - 1330 80 - 160
#1 Vorpal Bunny Evo FullEvo Full Rarity SR Small 799 - 1400 84 - 168

Unit Enhancement

Most units start with the level cap of level 50, but unit with "◇" will cap at level 100. If a unit consume another unit of same name and rarity their level cap will increase by 25. Note: The maximum level cap for all units are 100. For Example:

Using the same method "Color Combination" can be done, a unit have a chance of transfer their Blessing (Divine Protection) to another unit with same name and rarity.

  • Unit #1 consumes Unit #2 (with same name and rarity) with a Color "Blessing", Unit #1 will have "%" chance of getting same Color "Blessing" Unit #2 have.

Units Lists


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