First mentioned and obtained by Rou on Day 176

A [Soul Sword] like the Sunlight's Soul Sword, Hisperiol (which was obtained by defeating Avenger in 【Eschatology: War of Conquest】).

Obtained from defeating the Hero of Quivering Water in 【Eschatology: War of Conquest】.

When Rou attempts to read the sword's information, this is what shows up:

Name: 【Quivering Water’s Soul Sword, Neiletis】

Category: 【■■/Sword】

Rank: 【■■■■】 Class

Abilities: 【Quivering Water's Soul Sword, Neiletis】

【Heresy Nemesis】

【Quivering Water Explosion】

【Water Spirit Origin】

【Quivering Water Penetration】

【Ability Boost】





Description: ■ sword of ■■■■ class obtained by Yatendouji after achieving victory against the 【Heretic/One Who Has Awakened the Psalms/Main Cast】 in 【Eschatology: War of Conquest】.

The gods existing in the world can take on three forms, ≪■■/■■/■■≫, with the sword being one of the ■■. The blade has been tempered with clear water, making it so that it's always transparent and constantly quivering.

Only Yatendouji and those he has given permission to touch this sword are able to do so. Any person who touches it without permission will have an unimaginable disaster befall them.

There are some rare exceptions, but since it is ■■, destruction is fundamentally impossible.

Do you wish to view additional information?

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