First encountered on Day 109.

Purgatory is a Labyrinth City nearby the Royal Capital of the Sternbild Kingdom, Osvel, it is surrounded by a circular wall made out of some type of special metal material. It contains many Dungeons as well as Adventurer Guilds and shops that aid adventurers in conquering dungeons that give out special items. Monsters spawn often and even boss monsters spawn again, even after being killed. All powerful magical items discovered in the Labyrinth are not allowed to be moved out of its walls.

The main income of Labyrinth Cities comes from the adventurers that enter their dungeons and return with dropped items and treasure. There are also some that seek to challenge the dungeons, determined to find their own path to follow. To help outfit these adventurers, there are shops for weapons, armor and magic tools. There are also people that run shops that sell second-hand magic items, including tools that improve the profitability of hunting.

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