Philip Muskes Eagesect, nicknamed as 『 Insect Hero 』, also given the title【Shelled Insect Eiyuu (Champion)】is a hero from the Kirika Empire.
A juvenile male who missed going to the previous war. The seventh rank seat Heroes in Empire Affiliation. Has countless number of subordinate 【Demon Insect】.



Philip is a twisted young man who does whatever he finds amusing, regardless of the consequences.


Its existence was hinted first in Sigurd Ace Sven's POV of Day 116 that his village was destroyed by a centipede monster sent by some hero. Later, Rou was able to conclude from Fate of Psalm that those tragedy was connected to Insect hero.


On the Holy War, Rou set up his meeting to Avenger ( Sigurd Ace Sven) where the Insect hero met his end. It was mentioned that Rou obtained a sacred treasure from his death but the author didn't mentioned the item's name at those day.

Differences between the Novel and Manga

He appeared earlier in the manga (day 83) since it was still the war between the Elves and Parabellum against the Kirika Empire and the Sternbild Kingdom. He firstly tried to kill Ogarou by using corpses that were modified into insect-like creatures. And after by Arutirumu who managed to make a hole in his abdomen.

But when Arutirumu left destroying some village... Rou attacked again. Turning in "Devil Bug Shell" mode, he tried again to kill Rou who then used his Exoskeleton 【Red Bear Beast King’s Prestige】. Seeing that Rou had the upper hand, he then fleed.


Philip's ability revolves around controlling numerous insects.