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Biographical Information
Name Paraberangers
Gender 2 Males and 2 Females (last one ?)
Title(s) Five Karma Oni
Status Alive
Professional Information
Race (種族) Karma Oni - Subspecies
Affiliation Parabellum

18 Demon Warlords

Character Information
Location Orc Mines

Paraberangers are part of Rou's generation. They were part of the group of goblins that attacked Rou in his sleep in order to get him to hunt for the weak and starving members of the community.

Personality Edit

They are not like normal Goblins that believed that the strong should dominate over the weak as they were indirectly trying to save the weak by attacking Rou. Against enemies or villains, the Paraberangers would not hesitate to destroy no matter how much pleading for mercy was done. Normally cool headed, the Paraberangers will become distraught when their comrade, women, or children are in danger.

Trivia Edit

  • Their name and the fact that there are five of them make them a reference to the Power Rangers from the Power Rangers franchise.

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