«Solitude» is an experimental youth corps, created after the civil war, that is comprised entirely from former street urchins.

Commander: Their old ringleader who is now loyal to Rou.


Rou was looking for a way to diversify and increase his war potential. He set his mind on training humans from early on, but the babies that were born in Parabellum would take too long to grow to adulthood. Based on that, he abducted 50 orphans in the back alleys of Osvel. These orphans would have died within a few days if not for Rou; and no one would raise any alarms if they were missing since people in the city didn't care about vagabond orphans, only viewing them as a public menace.

Rou took the captured orphans to the mansion he got as a reward for winning the coup. There he fed them, bathed them, and brought them back up to full health. He told them this would continue and all they had to do was provide labor (ie serve him in the new misc. army division Solitude.) He started training them immediately.

Upon construction of the mansion's supermarket store, massage parlor, and Skeleton Spider taxi service, Solitude's members became the de facto employees for each of those enterprises.