Kobold Clan

The Kobold Clan, joined after Rou saved them from a large mob of skeletons. He is usually called “Chief” by normal Kobolds, but the Kobold Footmen call him “Lord." The Kobold Leader was assigned by Rou to train the footmen to use the Organic Spears.


They were a clan of kobolds who lived in a cave. Though a little airheaded, they didn’t do any expanding.

They had been living by hunting in the forest and the mountain. But everything changed when they killed an orc and obtained an iron pick. The female kobolds started to work on expanding the cave by digging holes while the males were out hunting for food. Thus they were able to improve their living space.

Then, the Velvet’s Dungeon incident occurred. Not understanding what that space was at first, but since they decided that the male kobolds would investigate the following morning, so at the time, they went to work filling up the hole, but it was already night, and a large mob of skeletons appeared. They were forced to flee without getting what they wanted. Fatigue, a concept not known to a skeleton, soon overtook the kobolds and were mercilessly killed. Whether they were warriors or not, old or young, male or female, none of them were spared.

They remembered there was a cave owned by a renowned ogre. There was the possibility of being killed, but they took that chance. So their leader declared “Either way… we’ll all be finished at this rate… So let’s make a gamble.”

They were saved by the Ogre Rou, and his men. Rou used the enslave ability on them, and they were allowed to join his ranks

Since, he was the first one to become a Footman, the Kobold Leader became their trainer, focusing on spear techniques, and teaching them to properly wield their Organic Spears.