Sources of Income

Parabellum Missions:

This was the original source of income for the group before Rou expanded the Mine Base, started up several enterprises, and captured many dungeons. Please see the Parabellum/Missions page for more details.

Mine Base:

Hot Spring

The spring was discovered by Asue. It was mainly constructed for them to unwind. Later a Tavern was been built for the customers to eat and rest in, as well as a gambling hall, loan hall, and several shops. The elves love the hot spring, willing to travel many kilometers and pay for the services. With the addition of a massage parlor, Doriane keeps customers comming back just like in the Royal City.


The Ranch is a free-range space for the pets, it is big enough for Kumajirou and Kurosaburo (along with the other pets/mounts) to run, play and breed.

Rou believes that this will be a source of food in the future (Day 121). Rou placed tamed Buffalos, Stamp Boars and Eagles to breed here. Along with said monsters, Big Cocco (a giant chicken that lays 2-3 big eggs everyday) also resides here when her masters are not around.


Due to the increasing number of members in Parabellum and monster that prefers to live in greenery, a farm has been built. They've planted many things, including unique vegetables gathered from many places for food and medicine. Potatoes are the only named vegetable planted in the farm.

Doriane Duboué (Dryad) helps maintain the farm, her aura and ability to manipulate plants, along with the fine soil and spirit stones help the plants  grow to their best potential.

Poleviks (Field Spirit Dwarf), Green men, and human farmers are also assigned to the farm. 

Workshop and Factory

This is the place where Dwarves, Leprechauns, the two Guard Elves, and Blacksmith-san can focus and create their weapon and armor. Their crafts are sold in Osvel at Rou's supermarket shopping center as well as in Adventurer businesses. There are also many skeletons working in the factory producing and transporting goods.

Royal City Osvel:

Rou has used his plot of land and a mansion which he earned by saving the kingdom from the rebellion of the Nobles Faction, to set up shop in Osvel.

In the mansion Rou has set up a store, massage parlor, and taxi service, using the members of Solitude as the main work force. All of these enterprises have been and still are quite successful.

The massage business is popular to Nobles and they've become regulars to the shop. Rou has trained a few orphans on massage technique. Also the effect of the massage oil has rejuvenating and beautifying effect with a downside. After awhile the customer suffers from withdrawal syndrome and has to visit the shop again to get rid of it.

Rou, using his undead summon, has made an undead Skeleton Spider monster which can be used as a public transport Taxi even during the harshest of the winter. The taxi is equipped with snow melting plates that clear away all snow beneath the taxi. Since the spiders are undead the are not affected by the bone chilling snow and wind, unlike ordinary horses which will die from exposure. Rou has contracted with the city to remove snow along certain routes, which increases economic activity for the whole city during the winter when the city would normally be lifeless.

After day 290 Rou also sets up a Brewery and Wine Cellar.


Spoiler read at your own desecration since these sources happen on/after day 230.

"Parabellum Ready for Battle" Business in Labyrinth City Purgatory

Rou has set up a better paying system where the load carrier gets bonus reward if they join the fight against the monsters or if they save the life of the client. (again someone needs to edit this section. need to add in more details about this Labyrinth business)

In later days Rou sets up more branches of this business in other labyrinth cities.

"Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain"
~Captured Day 245 from [God of Reincarnation]~
~Renamed to "Funeral Volcano" on day 252~

After defeating the Ardour Mother Empress Dragon which was deemed impossible to conquer, Rou using his Dungeon Plunder skill became the owner of the popular dungeon.

"Aquarium Fornia: Basin of the Clear Water Waterfall" in Aquarium City
~Captured Day 273 from [Demigod of Spring Water]~
~Immediately Renamed to "Funeral Waterfall Basin"~

After defeating the Shark Head ・ Bolt Wyrm a second time, Rou was able to capture this dungeon with the Dungeon Plunder skill he gained since the last time he beat the dungeon. This place is already a major source of money for its city.

"Museum of Stone Statues"
~Captured Day 276 from [Demigod of Stone Statues]~
~Renamed to "Funeral Monument Gallery" on day 277~

"Blue Rose Garden" in Labyrinth City Glory Rose
~Captured Day 283 from [Demigod of Roses]~
~Renamed to "Funeral Black Rose Garden" on day 284~

Rou intends to use this place as an exclusive resort for Parabellum members. This place is also excellent for producing materials to use in Rou's store in Osvel and in his massage parlors. Materials mass produced here are for aromatic oils and candles, rose tea, rose jam, and pink liqueur.

"Holy Land of Gamblers" in Labyrinth City Digyanburin
~Captured Day 289 from [The God of Gambling]~
~Renamed to "Funeral Gambling House" on day 290~

In a city made entirely of casinos (even the dungeon is a casino), what do you think Rou's income source is?

"Ship Anburasmu Pontos" in Labyrinth City Duru Ghawar
~Captured Day 303 from [God of Ships]~
~Renamed to "Ship Aburasem Parabellum" on day 304~

A dungeon inside a Cruise ship that travels across the ocean. The ship also has a shopping mall, bar, restaurant, swimming pool, and casino.

"Deep Lair: Blessing of the Algae Women" in Labyrinth City Duru Ghawar
~Captured Day 308 from [Goddess of Seaweed]~
~Immediately renamed to "Fierce God's Precious Den of Seafood"~

An underwater Seafood paradise.