Elite Elves

These elves were led by a foolish leader, who was a candidate for Clan Chief, that wanted Rou to protect the Elven community from the impending human attack and refused to take No for an answer. When Rou refused, the leader came back the next day bringing the 24 Elite Elves with him. They attacked and were swiftly defeated. During the attack Rou killed 1 highly loyal Elf and captured the rest. Afterward 6 died in a mock battle with survival promised to the winners, and the remaining 17 were imprisoned (10 males, 7 females) and made sex slaves. Rou ate the Elf Leader.

As part of the condition for being released from prison, Rou pinned ear cuffs to each of the Elf slaves that in addition to the usual enchantments like regen, also contained Conceal and Enslave. This removed the last remnant of pride as an elf they still had since pierced ears is a major taboo and a sign of being a slave.

Because of the [Conceal] added to their cuffs, the elves now look like they have darkish bodies, resulting in them being mistaken for Dark Elves by those in the Elven community.

4 males died on Day 80.

Two of the female elites are capable blacksmiths whose families possessed the knowledge of working with Mythril, so rather than fight on the front lines, Rou has them work in the workshop.

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