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Parabellum Commanders
Biographical Information
Name Parabellum
Leader Rou
Troops Several Thousands
Location Orc Mines
Goal(s) Survival
Status Active

Parabellum is a mercenary group created by Rou. Its members have a lot of different variety of races all working together as one under Rou's command which has never been seen before in the world until Rou's arrival/reincarnation to it. Usually a mercenary group at most has two or three different types/species of races, but Parabellum has more than 10 different types of species of monsters as its members.

The name itself stems from the saying: "Si vis pacem, para bellum", which means "(if) you wish for peace, prepare for war".

Alternative Names:

  • 戦に備えよ (Sen-ni-sonae-yo)
  • パラベラム (Parabellum)

Alternative Names:

  • 小鬼の集落 (ko-oni-no-shūraku)
  • ゴブリン・コミユニテイ (Goblin Community)

Goblin HierachyEdit

Goblin Hierarchy

Goblin Hierarchy 2

Under Rou's leadership, the Goblin Community was divided into a hierarchy. The higher ranks have duties and command the lower ranks. The lower ranks must obey the orders from the higher ranks. In the chain of command their are: 5 Man Captains: 4 subordinates. 10 Man Captains: 9 subordinates. Originally, the low-ranking Goblins use sticks with horns as primitive spears and carapace shields, while the 5 and 10 Man Captains have light leather armor and metal weapons.



Composition Edit

Gallery Edit

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