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Personnel Edit

<<Pacem Community Translations>> -Link to Pacem's Project Hub




WhiteSamurai☁ Elite Cleaner ~ The Founder of Pacem Community Translations
Luvith Lead Translator
SaltyHermit Editor
Fitchmatt Member ~Speaks Japanese Award
Lildeboe05 Member
ICloudz7 Member
Man.nguyen Member ~ on hiatus
AGodsLife Member
GreatGodJake Member
Archerbob Member


For the last few days now, you probably noticed when someone posted a bunch of Google Translated pages

on the wiki. Suddenly two days later Days 72-81 suddenly made sense, and that there was an entire extra

week roughly translated. The next day, Days 81-90 were all there as well. This is the result of a community

effort started by WhiteSamurai to provide everyone with the Re:Monster days we've all been wanting since we

first started reading this amazing series. If you want to help out, leave a comment below, otherwise, keep

following our efforts and enjoy the spoils of war. As always keep sharing the love and

Stay Tuned~

<<Pacem Community Translations>>Edit
~White Edit


PS. Here is the link to the Google Doc



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