The royal capital of the Sternbild Kingdom.

The outer layer of buildings are made of wood, but as you walk to the center, the buildings are made of brick.

In addition, the roads were all lined with stone and there were systems in place to provide running water.

All of these things were established by a Royal Sage of the Royal Court nearly seventy years ago.

The products and luxuries of this city are very rare in this world.

Headquarters to the Four Symbolic Heroes, although they do roam the entire country.

Has the popular Colosseum.

Contains the Royal Castle, which has numerous palaces: Amber Palace, Garnet Palace, Platinum Palace.

Garnet Palace is the one directly adjacent to the Amber Palace.

Amber Palace is where the Tomboy Princess resides and Rou is staying at as he trains her guards. Only those with a [Royal Ring] may enter.

Platinum Palace is where the First Queen resides.

The walls appeared to be a milky color with high walls. It was built on an elevated position for increased protection. 

The majority of the base was built on a large hill, making attacks nearly impossible. At the heart of the city stood a huge castle.

There are large convoys going to and from the city. There are no exceptions for entry without full examination. There is an inspection queue.

There is an extra fee and tax for the transportation of goods in and out of Osvel.

There are thousands of people buzzing within the walls. From outdoor shops to energetic voices, there is everything.

There are over a dozen shops that carried a multitude of interesting products.

Even compared to the Labyrinth City Purgatory, the energy of this place was in full swing. 

It was as if every day was a festival.

It is fairly close to the Kuuderun Great Forest, and takes from 1 to 3 days worth of travel on Skeletal Carriages depending on the activities taken during travel.

Rou only needs a few hours to fly from the Royal Capital to the Kuuderun Great Forest (as of day 181)

Osvel is the center of the Sternbild Kingdom. It is greater than all the other cities in most aspects.