The Orc Mines were once used by a band of orcs to collect spirit stones deep within the mountain in the Kuuderun Great Forest, until the goblin community, lead by Rou, killed them all on a night raid.

After that, the Goblin Community established it as their new lair and later as Parabellum's HQ.

Overview Layout

Main Hall

Originally conceived as an indoor training room, now it's were honor guests (like Princess Rubiria (aka Tomboy Princess) or Elf Father) are welcome.

Bathing and Rest Rooms

This is where the members can relieve and clean themselves. This area has been expanded in comparison to its original size, adapting to Parabellum growing numbers.

Kitchen and Dinning Hall

Where meals are cooked and served, either caught preys or edible monsters raised at the Ranch.

Sleeping Quarters

Sleeping chambers for the warriors of Parabellum


When enemy soldiers are captured in battle, they are locked here either to be interrogated or forced to join.

External Training Grounds

A 200 x 200 x 300 space was made for purpose of accommodating the new personal and to further train the soldiers in other forms of combat and battle scenarios.


The land around the area was to create a section were vegetables and crop would grow. Over seen by Doriane Duboué, Plant men, and humans with the [Farmer] job.


A Ranch was built to house all familiars and pets within Parabellum, along with some free-ranging and edible monsters that were captured.


A clinic was established to treat injuries through training as well as illness. It's operated by Seiji and the Prière.

Hot Springs Facility

Used as a money generator from the elves, it also includes an inn for personnel and tourists, offering both luxury and relaxation.