The Orc Mines was once used by a band of orcs to collect spirits deep within the mountain in the Kuuderun Great Forest, until the goblin community lead by Rou killed all the orcs then later establish it as their new home and base of operation for Parabellum

Overview LayoutEdit

Main Hall

The main hall is where all the members of parabellum train to grow stronger.

Bathing and rest rooms

Created by Ruo when parabellum took over the cave this is where members releves and clane them selves

Kitchen and dinning hall

All of the food that was hunted or harvest is cook serve 

Sleeping quorters

Sleeping chambers for the warriors of parabellem


When enemy soldiers are capture in battle are lock with the prison to be ether to be interigated or made to join.

On the 121 day the mine was converted in to a fortress and addional room was made for new areas.

External Training Grounds

A 200 x 200 x 300 space was made for purpose of acconiating the new personal and to further traim the soldiers in other forms of combat and battle scenarios.


The land around the area was to create a secsation were vegetables would grow, over seen by Mika (Doriane Duboué), Plant men, and human with the Farmers job to over see and grow crop.


A Ranch was built to houses all familiars and pet within parabellem along with some free-ranging and edible monsters that was capture.


Injuries through training where constant as well as illness so a clinic was establish and is operated by Seiji and the Prière.

Hot Springs Facility

Use as a money generator from the elves as well a inn for personnel and tourist with it's luxury and relaxation

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