Opushii is the youngest of Rou's children and his third daughter. Her mother is Rubellia Walline.


She has burnt ash colored hair, ruby-like red eyes, and a brown skin tattoo.

Due to her blessing from the God of Gems her skin has the appearance and durability of diamond. Also, due to Dark Beast's Divine Protection, her forearms and legs are covered in dark red wool/hair which not even a steel knife can penetrate.

She has an obsidian like horn on her forehead that can cut through a steel knife with ease.

She has two ogre orbs (one red and one blue) in the back of her forearms hidden under the red hair.


Opushii is a cheerful girl who like spending time with her family.


Opushii was born on Day 217 as an Apostle Lord - Variant.


Opushii can summon two gem beasts using her Blessings to fight for her.



  • [God of Gem's Divine Protection]
  • [Demigod of Dark Beast's Divine Protection]



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