Biographical Information
Name Oniwaka
Gender Male
Title(s) Rampaging King
Status Alive
Professional Information
Race (種族) Jail Oni
Affiliation Parabellum

18 Demon Warlords

Character Information
Location Orc Mines
Novel Debut Day 109

Oniwaka is the third of Rou's children and his second son. His mother is Emery Furado. He was born a High Ogre and later ranked up into a Jail Oni on day 320. He was born on day 109. He has great respect for Minokichi and tends to follow him around.


His body is 4m+(guess?) with the color of his skin is dark red and dyed like oxidized blood with dark purple hair which is as sharp as a knife. He has 2 horns similar to thick stakes pointing up straight.


It is said that despite his brute size and force of his race, [High Ogre], Oniwaka is actually quite the bashful child who tends to help others in need. To illustrate this, Oniwaka's fighting preference is focusing on strengthening his defenses rather than his offense.


Rank Up (存在進化) (ランクアップ)Edit


Type Day
High Ogre - Day 109
Jail Oni - Day 320



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