Oniwaka (鬼若) is the third of Rou's children and his second son. His mother is Emery Furado.


High Ogre

As a High Ogre he had always been bigger than the average humans, even bigger than his 2 elder siblings from his very birth. His growth rate was also outstanding, having the biggest physique among the other Rou's descendants, which lead his father to train him seriously sooner than expected.

By the Day 126 he was already 1'80 meters tall and his muscles had developed to such an extent that he already had the strength of an adult Ogre.

Jail Oni

As a Jail Oni, his body is above 4 meters tall, with dark red skin and dark purple hair, which is as sharp as a knife. He has 2 horns similar to thick stakes pointing up straight and an extremely muscular body.

He is twice as big as before. In addition, the musculature on his whole body has developed to be as thick as armor.
A pair of crimson eyes glitter with the look of a hungry animal. His sharp fangs have now fully grown.

His protective armor, the loincloth, is worn as if it were clothing, and has tiger-like patterns. He got a ball-and-chain as a Bio Weapon.


He was born on Day 109 as a High Ogre. Because his parents were prepared, the belly was opened in anticipation of any problem.

To strengthen him, he was fed a piece of the White Stag 's antlers. He was able to walk a few days after his birth.

He ranked up into a Jail Oni on Day 320 awakening as one of the 18 Demon Warlords, holding the title [Rampaging King].


Despite the size and brute force of his race, Oniwaka is actually quite the bashful child who tends to help others in need. To illustrate this, Oniwaka's fighting preference is focusing on strengthening his defenses rather than his offense.

He bears a great respect towards Minokichi and tends to follow him around.



The ball-and-chain seems to be a useful tool in capturing prisoners.

Although the weapon looks small in the hands of Oniwaka, the size of the iron ball easily exceeds 30 centimeters in diameter and is quite heavy.

The chain can be quickly expanded and contracted. The length of the chain could change from 1 meter to 10 meters.

It can even act as chain mail if wrapped around the body in extended form. However swinging the weapon would become difficult in that state. It is really useful having both a means of offense and defense in a single item.

Rank Up (存在進化) (ランクアップ)


Type Day
High Ogre - Day 109
Jail Oni - Day 320



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