Noir Soldier
Job Noir Soldier
Alternate Name(s) 魔喰の戦士 (Ma-Kuu-No-Senshi)

ノワール・ソルダ (Noir Soldat)
Black Soldier

Holders Rubellia Walline

Steel Crowback

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Description Edit

After greatly increasing their affinity to monsters, those with the job Warrior had a constant chance of obtaining this rare job by clearing the condition of eating a monster they killed themselves. Their eyes turn dull red. The circular pupils turn rectangular shape resembling that of a monster’s. Having gained the job, combat abilities rapidly raises.

Although there is the outrageous risk that a Noir Soldier's body would rapidly deteriorate and would soon die if they don't consume monster meat or blood at fixed intervals. However, the growth rate of their combat abilities is amplified.

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