Night Vipers are poisonous creatures covered in black scales with a speckled pattern with a length of 60 centimeters and a diameter of approximately 6 centimeters. Their taste is said to be quite delicious. 


The Night Viper is considered as deadly, not only because it's a predator type animal, but also due to its poison, which it uses to quickly kill its prey.


  • Thermography: The ability to see heat emitted from objects.
  • Venom: The ability to produce and to apply poison to the tip of a tool or even a part of the body.
  • Poison Resistance: The ability to resist any poison.
  • Presence Sensor: The ability to identify a nearby living being, even the name. The type of living being can be classified if it has been met.
  • Evil Eye: The ability to scare someone to the point of slowing or stopping someone's actions by making eye contact.
  • Evil Eye Resistance: The ability to resist Evil Eye.



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