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  • hi i have all the raws between 91-370 sidestories in Word... how can i send them to you... im not good uploading and similars (with the things of the foro)

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  • Check discord when possible

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • 'Sup!

    I've managed to establish contact with the OPM wiki bureaucrat Spartan1204 ( and they seem to agree to establish an affiliation.

    I've already added their wiki to the affiliated chart. Hope in few days we got ourselves reflected on theirs.

    C ya 'round!

    PS: BTW, I know you are still molding yourself to going to discord, but we shall try to make good use of the tool we've adquired ^^

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  • Ok here is the TXT file:!1vBi1JQJ!p6wzoCQyhwBbc0dtYMOWL-Umy0BVWzKkhp5BoVatJH4

    The only problem is that it doesn't keep the furigana.

    So here is also a link to the html of the page with the furigana as an alternative:!c34GjSxA!N35-xmy5MRytpYV0DjPJpz2nYi7EbJCYbL6ep-D5Ua8

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  • 'Sup Oni!

    I've been finding rather difficult to directly talk to people in charge of the wikia about some sort of stuff aside from message wall, so I've been wondering... What if we make use of the already existing Discord server, since we are officially collaborating with the reddit sub, and discuss some sort of stuff there?

    I mean, live chat isn't used and people come and go on the wikia (come in, check things, smokebomb), so making use of the already created and operational server will make it easier.

    At any rate, I'm already there. If you or any other user/admin wants to join: [[1]]

    One little advice, try to register. It makes it easier.

    I'll ask for a channel where we can discuss wikia stuff, whether more people comes or not xD

    C ya 'round!

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    • Hi Joker:)

      Yes I agree, the wall is good but this isn't a good way to talk

      I just registered on it so I may come sometimes but now my activity on this wikia is more like: check what new things were done, check if the new images are here, smokebomb and make small edits sometimes ^^

      See you !

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    • Hi there!

      I saw that you've registered :)

      I'm usually keeping in check the wiki whilst being online (or idle) on the dsc server, so feel free to PM me any time.

      As I'd said before, I'll ask for a wikia personnel channel or so, so we can talk this page administration on live.

      C ya 'round!

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    • Alright I will think about it whenever I have a question !

      Good, tell me if you have return then

      Bye :)

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    • If you got a moment, wikia's discord channel is full operational.

      Want you to come and give it a shot if you can. Meanwhile, I'll try to contact as much active admins / bureaucrats as I can to spread the word.

      C ya 'round!!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Congrats :3

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    • Oni GiriZ


    • JokerXIII


    • Apolord
    • Frozened
    • Ngamer11
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    • Thank you for your trust !

      Joker is often active and intervene everywhere on the wiki

      Apolord and Frozened are pretty active on the game page and Ngamer11 is active everyday to make some editings.

      I think that it's a good call ^^

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Good afternoon, I'm an user that goes by the name of Sveinfyr

    I started playing an android game based on the light novel called RE:Monster about a month ago and I've been using the corresponding wikia to ask and answer questions related to the game:

    The only things I have done is post images to support my questions ( showing text/buttons ) on the comments screenI have also contacted some of the translating team (namely a user called JokerXIII ) to help them translate the game faster by sending them pictures which show what's wrong/ mispelled and should be changed, which can be seen on this thread:

    As for the reason for sending this message, I was blocked by a user ( or bot maybe ) called VSTF and the reason stated was vandalism ( as is shown is the picture I send in with this message ).

    Now, as I have said, I haven't done anything of the sort, simply having messaged other members of the re:monster wikia for the occasional question/answer.

    I'd like an answer as to why I was actually blocked since I think I've been wrongfully accused of something I didn't do.If more photographic evidence is required, I'll be happy to oblige and send it.

    Now, about the evidence, you can confirm everything by checking this photo and by contacting joker

    As I said, I really haven't don't recall having done anything else, especially not vandalism. 

    Here is the blocked user message I got: [1]  

    If you can, please help me...I'm sorry for the problems I might've caused

    PS: In case this acc gets blocked too, contact me by email if you would:

    Have a good day,      



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  • Time to work :3

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  • Heya there. One doubt for both Oni and Daitiansg, I'm about to go on mad mode and replace all the current game units images with PNG with transparent background to fit better with the current darkish wiki background.

    I've already uploaded one as example, it's on the game threat, gallery, game only. It's the "Dark Hazuki".

    Check out if ye like the result so I can drive myself onto it.


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    • Damn, I took a day of, did not remember that it was patch day. Good for us that you uploaded the new unit's images already on png to get'em replaced later *thumbs up*

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    • Last week I had updated one image on jpg, and I saw that you had put the three of them in png. And understood why and had to suppress it. I just didn't make the mistake this time ^^

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    • A FANDOM user
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