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  • 'Sup guv!

    hope summer has treated you well. We got some stuff steaming on the discord channel. Whenever you can, pass by and cheer us up.

    C ya 'round!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • 'sup!

    Damn, I'm the only one that writes here lately, you may find out I'm on a crush.

    Jokes aside, after discussing with ThePowerIsInside, we got a channel inside the current [server].

    I'm trying to contact as many active admins as possible (being you, OniGiriZ and myself those that logged in within the last 2 weeks) to suggest them to go there.

    It'll be a great help.

    C ya 'round!!

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  • 'Sup!

    I've noticed that there is an uprising of registered bots that are opening random threads at the forum with Korean advertising. Is there anyway we can get rid of them? aside of IP banning the account, ofc

    C ya ^^

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  • Morning! (at least here is)

    How ya doin'?

    This maybe only matters to me but, do you know those wikia badges earned by being active during X days in a row? I was trying to clear as much as them as possible but the counter has suddenly restarted when I was around day 43/60, now it displays 1/60 T^T

    As I said, this may only matter to me, but checking the contributions I made it is displayed that I didn't miss a day, either commenting, editing or adding stuff. Sooo, I passed by to toss it of.

    C ya 'round ^^

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  • Hope you are well.

    I have decided to post here, because I heard you are more active here. And I wanted a quick reply.

    I don't know if you know, but I am an admin on the Soul Land wikia that you founded. I was wondering if you could make me a Bureaucrat on that wikia. Mainly because I wish to promote some people to admins and secondly because Hussey274 (the other bureacucrat along with you) is not active anymore. Me and Hussey are medical students, if I am correct he should be in his final year now. And I have entered third year. Because of the work load, I am spending less and less time on the wikia. If you aren't open to the idea, I was hoping you could promote some users (that I will name) to admins. Sorry to bother you.

    Thank you

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    • If Daitian doesn't get back to you within roughly 2 months or so, which I believe he should since he was online not a few hours ago, there's a place for requesting that on the main Wikia Hub. Inactive Wikias, determined by their administration, can be transfered over.

      In example, if I was aiming to attain Bureaucrat for Re:Monster, yet Caudyr-Daitian are both MIA, I could go there, show my activities and admin status, and file the request to gain ownership rights.

      But i'm not as active as I once was, and thus not really in a position to manage the wikia like I once could. Good luck.

      • Totally wasn't a Daitian bump given he was active not that long ago. Be more active you fluffy cat-bear hybrid!*


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    • Took you long enough to reply. *kicks White*

      At least check whether I did give him the access >.>

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi,i would like to take part in translating and editing and cleaning the chapters for re i have done a few transalations on two pages and i will proceed if you give me a go.of course my main intension to get the chapter ready for people to read and not read the GT.


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  • Hi there, I was impressed and grateful that you took to your time to translate all the chapters of the light novel. It has been a great time killer while I'm on duty in my camp. Hence, I would like to offer my help in editing.

    Due to my inadequency in Japanese, I am not able to help in translations. However, I would like to assist in proofreading and amending the completed chapters which you had thankfully translated. By rearranging sentence structures and paraphrasing without changing the meaning, I wish to make the novel more exciting for readers like me who really like this light novel. So I am requesting for your permission to proceed, as a form of respect to your esteemed work. 

    I have slightly edited chapter 11... but i will stop for now until i have gotten your permission.

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    • You got it wrong. The credit for the chapter translations actually belong to the translators and editors who willingly took their time and effort to translate and edit.

      If you want to take part in editing, be sure to inform whoever is currently translating or editing the chapter.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Are you that you manage this wiki, the founder? If so, I would like to apply for a permit.

    I am an Italian source user fascinated by the world of RE: Monster. So I ask if I can put up an Italian version on this subject, taking as your own texts of the novel (always with your permission, of course).

    But I have a little problem. For some time, I do not know how and did not explain, when I attempt to create a Wiki from Wikia, somehow the system rejects me. Perhaps one of the system error, I do not know. The fact is that, if you accept my request, I would also ask for your help to create this Italian wiki: in short, you create it, and for the rest I run the following your same regulations, translating and putting up new pages and editing.

    You can do it? I know I ask a lot being a rookie on this wiki, but I am a sincere and enthusiastic fan of the novel and manga.

    PS: I may apologize for my English is not so perfect: the fault of Google Translate XD

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  • Hello! I'm from the FCB Wiki. I would like to request to be affiliated with your wiki. Here is our wordmark. Thanks!

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  • Just letting you know that I blocked Gagagag143katsumi from posting or even editing their profile on the wiki because they were posting Ads on the forums section (and it's the only thing they did). Also deleted the threads they made on the forums, as well.

    If this isn't how you wanted to take care of this situation, then feel free to fix it yourself...but I'm not going to. =x

    Just giving you a heads up that I did it. XD

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