First seen in Day 191.

Has well-developed muscles, and a smile that didn't match his appearance. He was a Marquis, which was quite a reputable title, and he was also one of the few supporters of the Tomboy Princess during the last coup. As a result, he became an even more significant person in the Sternbild Kingdom, surely soon to become an important person to the Tomboy Princess.

During our employment under the princess, we had met in person a couple of times, but this time he came in accompanied by three young servants. Among the servants were two [Knights] and one [Secretary], all three of them had not yet reached 20 years old. Apparently they were personally raised and trained by the Marquis, because everyone had a fairly high level.

Armed with long swords and clad in steel armor, they stood silently behind him with impartiality, both (of the Knights) had good physiques and well-trained bodies. Most likely their skills were slightly lower than the Rusty Iron Knight, but for personal guards, they were quite competent.

Ahead of the 2 knights, slightly to the side of the Marquis was a female secretary, with a little, stiff face and assertive sharp eyes. She seemed like a cold, competent woman. At least she exerted this kind of atmosphere.

Leading his subordinates, he inspected the goods hung on the wall. He asked about the history of Minister's magic items on sale and examined the suits made by leprechauns one by one. It's seemed like he was not interested in price and immediately bought them, for which I am grateful.

Over time, the two knights could not see anything in front of them due to the mountain of purchases, and even at this stage, their purchases were still ongoing. Under the weight of their newly bought items, even their sturdy hands began to tremble, due to the sheer weight and number of what they had bought.

Has a secretary who accompanies him, who tried not to look towards the knights who were heavily breathing due to the strain. Apparently she was responsible for her master's finances, and this made her tormented with anxiety.

The Marquis Kaiser was also an excellent conversationalist. Of course it's not polite to say so, but despite his appearance, he was quite knowledgeable. With an inexhaustible supply of detailed knowledge, he could casually stir-up a conversation, and clearly draw in the interest of others.

Not only as a customer, but as an ordinary friend and companion he was quite interesting. The inner motive of the Marquis was probably to lure us to their side. Of course he did it for the Tomboy Princess with a pure motive, but it was with too much zeal. Dealing with him gives me a headache.

He was not disgusted with Rou being a monster (Apostle Lord), moreover he was a very nice man with no hidden motives making it all the more troublesome to handle.

At times when you speak carelessly, his eyes become sharp like a snake's. Therefore it is necessary to choose words carefully with him. Because he is a seasoned aristocrat among his peers, who recently undergone a coup, Marquis Kaiser would be one of the victors.

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