First seen in Day 236.

One of the field bosses roaming around in the [God] rank Age of the Gods Dungeon: Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain.

The second field boss seen by Rou and his 8 Demon Generals.

The first time it is killed, it drops 【Spiral-shelled King’s Gravekeeper】 as a first time subjugation bonus.

Upon eating it's body, Rou learns:

Ability learned: 【Shut-in Structure】

Ability learned: 【Lava Lurker】

Ability learned: 【Wild Spree of Snake Tentacles】

Below needs editing, it was taken directly from the Day

Its a huge ammonite lives in a lava lake and itself is easily 100 meters in length.

Its main body is usually concealed in the seething lava. It’s basically a coward with a huge overwhelming big frame. It uses a countless of snake-like tentacles to attack troublesome challenger parties that arrive on the floating islands within a 50 meter diameter.

I can distinguish at least 100 snake-like tentacles that are apparently divided in 2 types. They each dish out different attacks. On one hand, there are long, thick tentacles like trees that aim to wrap around people and apply strong pressure. On the other hand, there are small, thin tentacles around the size of woman’s body that shoot out lava cannonballs from the snake’s mouth.

It sets off a multilateral, synchronized attack.

However, Magma Ammonoid ・ Sirpendir seems to have strong regeneration abilities. New tentacles grew from the ones that were cut off.

After being raised for about 20 meters, its real body comes out of the spiral shell like a spiral-shaped snail and starts biting. Rou took a sip while it’s still alive.

Of course, Magma Ammonoid ・ Sirpendir’s body immediately reacted to that simple bite with a jarring shriek and gets into a 【Frenzy】. It starts attacking relentlessly with its tentacles.