Luke is the Hero of Light from the Lumen Holy Kingdom.


Luke is a youthful, blonde, blue-eyed swordsman.


Rou saw him and his subcasts fighting against Balor and four Fomors. The fight was difficult, and both sides were heavily damaged, but the human party had the advantage by killing the four Fomors until Balor started chanting magic. It's at this moment that Rou decided to intervine by killing Balor.

Luke is one of the few heroes who didn't participate in the Holy War. But it appears that he did in the light novel.


On the battlefield, they hardly rely on their levels, Combat Arts or their Jobs, using their natural fighting abilities to fight.

Their formation is like this: Luke and Cheroaito charge in as the vanguard while being guarded by defensive spells from the Corail and Clelia covers their flanks with magical aid and recovery magic while Ceres moves throughout the battlefield giving covering fire.



  • Aiora: a heavily armored shield warrior
  • Corail: a beautiful clergywoman holding a Bible
  • Clelia: a beautiful magician. She is specialized in fire and thunder magic
  • Cheroaito: a stunning girl with an amazing bust holding a massive spear. She has the ears of a cat and a long tail
  • Ceres: a beautiful girl, with two fuzzy ears and a tail, holding a massive bow