Lords are a high ranking species with multiple variations, each one specialized in a certain field.


The Lord species is part of the Demon (Oni) race. This species also have a lesser form is called Half-Lords.

Despite the fact that they are usually born at this very state (as Lords and / or Half-Lords), there's also possible for any Lord species to appear due to a rank up from the Goblin race evolutionary path, be it Half-Lords that came from an Hobgoblin form or Ogres that promote straight into certain Lord types.


Even though the different variations among the Lord species have remarkably different physiques and looks, they also share common traits that helps to settle them as one bigger group.

The characteristic Ogre Orbs are perhaps the most well-known.

These Orbs are imbued in the Lord’s body and contain the abilities and characteristics of their species, being it weapon manifestation, elemental manipulation propperties or even certain Blessings, that enhances the user natural abilities and often grants new ones for them to brandish.

These Blessed individuals are often referred to as Lord Variants.




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