First seen in Day 41.


The Lizardmen that attack Rou had green scales. Each held a refurbished falchion. Also, they each had a buckler similar to a round shield that seemed usable even though they were obviously a little damaged.

Unlike Orcs or Kobolds, they were not wearing any leather or metal armor, at best, they were only wearing light clothes made of thick cloth to cover their groins.



They flash their long tongues and falchions making incomprehensible noises like "hyacchahecchizo~ go~gyakutterowigya~ janbettenbachurua~."

The green scales are packed together covering their entire bodies may be no different from armor, and their opponents cannot make light of their attacks from my blind spot using their long and thick tails. The tail is considered a third arm. When the tails are underwater, they represent an additional danger since it’s hard to spot them.

The flesh and bones of Lizardmen have an unusual taste and consistency, which is rather delicious.


  • Aquatic
  • Lizardman Language