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Liger Bazette
Gladiator Man Liger
Biographical Information
Name Liger Bazette
Aliases Gladiator King
Gender Male
Hair Color Reddish Brow
Title(s) Gladiator Demon
Status Alive
Professional Information
Race (種族) Human
Job(s) (職業) Grappler
Affiliation Parabellum

18 Demon Warlords

Character Information
Location Orc Mines
Novel Debut Day 148


First seen in Day 148.

Also known as [Gladiator King].

The proud figure was approximately two meters tall, boasting two powerful arms almost as thick as the average man’s torso, which were covered in countless scars.

He was wearing light armor made of light green Dragon leather. He had a great sword nearly as tall as he was located on his back, with two swords hanging at his waist. His reddish brown hair was unkempt and his yellow pupils were similar to a beast, intimidating his surroundings.

He gave off an oppressive atmosphere, his strong warrior's spirit causing those in the distance to tremble.

Being the strongest, he's been at the Colosseum the longest. He's also the man who piled up the largest body count. Liger Bazette is an existence similar to a tiger, craving blood.


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