Liger Bazette was a former gladiator in the Colosseum. He is currently a member of Parabellum, as one of Rou's 18 Demon Warlords.


First seen in Day 148.

Also known as [Gladiator King], his proud figure was approximately two meters tall, boasting two powerful arms almost as thick as the average man’s torso, which were covered in countless scars. He had unkempt reddish brown hair and beast-like yellow pupils, giving an intimidating feeling to anyone in his surroundings.

He was wearing light armor made of light green Dragon or Wyvern leather. He had a great sword, nearly as tall as himself, located on his back and two swords hanging at his waist.

His strong warrior's spirit gave off an oppressive atmosphere, even causing those in the distance to tremble.

Branded as the strongest, he's been at the Colosseum the longest known time, holding as well the record of the man who piled up the largest body count.

Liger Bazette is an existence similar to a tiger, always craving for blood.

After witnessing Rou's outstanding fighting capability, he decided to accept his proposal of joining Parabellum.

Later, on Day 280, he awakens as one of the 18 Demon Warlords, holding the title of [Gladiator Demon].