Legendary Rank are items that have multiple powerful abilities like Ancient Rank items, but much stronger. All of Legendary Rank items are Artifacts. Mostly gained by conquering 【Age of the Gods】 Dungeons.


  • Airgeatlámh: Artificial, shape-shifting arm seemingly made of silver. By taking in other kinds of metal it is possible to change the shape of this item according to the wishes of the wearer. Abilities: [Arm Blast] [Spell Blast] [Self-Evolution] [Elemental Echo].
  • Starving Impaler of A Thousand Thorns – Kazikli Bey: Magical weapon that once pierced into the ground can replicate itself on any surface, creating a field of spears under the feet of the enemy. (can also replicate spears from tree's and other stuff connected to the ground pierced by Kazikli Bey)
  • Fury of the Haughty King – Beowulf: a black metal bracelet that manifests an increase of mental or physical strength (among other things) according to the "intent of the wearer".