First seen in Day 237.

One of the field bosses roaming around in the [God] rank Age of the Gods Dungeon: Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain.

The 3rd field boss seen by Rou and his 8 Demon Generals.

The first time it is killed, it drops 【Coffin of the Gigantic Elephant Soldier】 as a first time subjugation bonus.

The 3rd field boss ― Large Vulcan Golden Elephant, a gigantic gold elephant walking on 2 legs, armed with a simple battle-axe.

Below needs editing, it was taken directly from the Day

Its height is about 25 meters, and its body looked like massive crag that easily surpassed Balor.

Overall, it’s amazingly thick, massive, humongous. The legs that supported the massive figure, looked steady, as if rooted into the earth.

It’s essentially naked, but it did wear a dark silver loincloth that covered his privates and functioned somewhat as armor. I can’t discern any wounds on its golden skin. I assumed It had some kind of natural protection.

Perhaps you couldn’t cut its skin with a superficial attack. In addition to its massive figure, you’d have to be able to cut through its tenacious muscles and crush its bones. Rou found its difficulty level disgusting.

On top, a huge trunk extended to all the way down to its feet, it was essentially a 3rd arm as well as a club that would mercilessly strike down any adversary.

It swung from left to right every time it moved, and whenever the trunk collided with the surrounding volcanic rocks, they were crushed with ease. How much destructive power will it have if swung seriously?

Four ivory tusks that resembled battering rams grew on both sides of its trunk, curving valiantly. They were majestic appearances that confidently displayed not a single scratch.

It certainly has the highest offensive and defensive power of everything I’ve fought up until now.

From a physical perspective, it certainly felt like a considerably difficult match-up. The fact that it wielded a battle-axe that was bigger than Minokichi-kun was troublesome.