Ji was the first to become a Cleric amongst those in Parabellum, hence he became the leader of the medical corps, Prière.



As a Half-Saint Lord, Seiji stands almost 170cm tall. His limbs are thin, but quite muscular. His skin is a pale white with black tattoos visible on the backs of his hands. He has Silver hair that reach past his shoulders and eyes with color of gold. Seiji has a white orb embedded in his forehead in between two 5cm horns.

Rank Up

Race Type Name Day
Goblin Gobuji (ゴブ治) Day 1
Hobgoblin Cleric (subspecies) Hobuji (ホブ治) Day 51 (Changed name 10 days later)
Half-Saint Lord Seiji (セイ治) Day 81 (manga: Day 84)
Saint Lord Variant Seiji (セイ治) Day 197
Sereneness King Variant Seiji (セイ治) Day 244


Ji became a cleric upon ranking up into a Hobgoblin, which is a class that specializes in healing and protection abilities. After he ranks up to a Half-Saint Lord, his skills are far stronger than before he had done so.


  • Healing
  • Protection
  • Barrier: covers himself in a field of light


  • Divine Protection of the Demigod of Compassion (Day 176)

Dragon Jewel of Resurrection God(Ignatos・Forna)】→ A【Sacred Treasure】which Rou gave to Ji on Day 335 before the beginning of the [Holy War].

  • Rou (Leader)
  • Fu (Lover) (Confirmed(ish) Day 261)
  • Me (Lover) (Confirmed(ish) Day 261)


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