Jade Eagle was a Falaise Eagle - Variant with the God of Storms' Divine Protection. It was found on a mountain path in the Sternbild Kingdom. First seen in Day 93.


The jade-colored feathers, beak, and claws of this subspecies gives off the impression that they could cut anything.

It moves quicker than any of the other Falaise Eagles, surprisingly coming from all directions instead of just from behind, making it much more difficult to fight.


The jade feathers of the subspecies sparkled like blades in the sunlight, seeming like they could cut anything. His beak and claws looked as if they were as strong as diamonds.

Large yellow eyes showing a great intelligence in addition to its color change that means it has a divine blessing.

A supreme killer of the mountains with a stunning quality of grace earned through many battles of survival.


  • Creates a series of mini-tornadoes:

This ability is used to disrupt the balance of the enemy in the air.

  • Effect from its saliva:

The effect of the saliva is it inhibits recovery speed.

He is able to give commands to his kind, making him the leader of his flock.


  • 【Feather Arrow】
  • 【Predator of the Sky】
  • 【Divine Protection of the Storm God】
  • 【Complete Wind Resistance】
  • 【Adamantine Claws】
  • 【Sonic Flight】

From Rou acquiring the ability 【Exoskeleton】 by eating a Rhinoceros Beetle Day 65, some Jade Eagle's feathers became one of his exoskeletons: 【Jade Eagle King’s Flight】.