Items or magic item are word used in world of Re:Monster as something could be used or equipped for many purpose. items can be divided into two Classes :

  • Common items : crafted items are all common items.
  • Artifacts : special items earned from dungeons. They are stronger than their common counterparts.

Items Ranks

There are 7 Ranks, starting from the weakest and most common, to the strongest and the rarest:

- Artifacts are at least Ancient Rank.

Items yet to be categorized

  • Arannote’s Staff - made from ancient wood studded with a red magic gem  that used to be in possession of the adventurer with the [Job-High Wizard] (given to Sei by Rou at day 51)
  • General's Cleaver - shaped somewhat like a square Chinese Kitchen Knife with a length of roughly 80 centimeters. It is white without any spots on it with the blade itself cutting through flesh like butter. (given by rou to redhead at day 114)
  • General's Shield - a triangular kite Shield which, when not being used, shrunk down to fit into the palm of your hand.(given by rou to redhead at day 114)
  • Platinum General - there was a suit of white and gold armor with a red cape. It's similar to that of the noble knights of the Kingdom or empire.(given by rou to redhead at day 114)
  • Great Gleaming Axe of the Fire Emperor - a weapon granted by demigod of fire for kichi when he rank up to minotaur
  • Earth's-Crust Thunder Maul
  • Frozen World Empress
  • Pale Sword of Flowing Water:Feinschubel