First seen in Day 142.

A 5-person adventurer party repeatedly hunting in one of the Labyrinth City Purgatory's dungeons: Mine of the Cyclops.

Consists of Arty, Aisha, Brianna, Barth, and Zack.

Arty is a one armed swordswoman and the leader of the [Iron Sword Hunters].

Zack, a bear that walks on two legs like a human equipped with his tower shield, with a fitting depiction of a bear head stricken upon it, and his electrified bastard sword.

Barth the Dwarf was equipped with heavy armor and a morningstar.

Brianna possessed the 【Conjurer】 job and was wearing dark purple robes with a magical staff in her hand.

Aisha was dressed similar to that of a Shinto priest, carrying a footman’s flail in her left hand. She also had numerous support items such as holy water and other consecrated materials.

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