A tier 5 [Rank Up] evolution, the Ice Blood True Vampire is a potential route when a Vampire Noble promotes. Despite existing on Day 245, it was not seen until Day 251.


The Ice Blood True Vampire seems to be one of the first races of vampires, one generation down from the [First Vampire], and there is no vampire that can compare in the handling of blood and ice.

They have power not inferior to an Emperor. At the same time, being a [Superior Species], it becomes the default level for stronger creatures like the [Emperor].


A race genetically close to the first vampires, they are the quintessence of elegance. With their flawless white skin, cherry lips, soft and well proportioned body, and immaculate long hair, they can fascinate onlookers without using bewitching eyes or charm.

Like a fountain of life, its magical power [Charm], attracts all living beings within range.

They every movement fascinates the eyes, and even while knowing why, it is still impossible to glance away. Anyone, regardless of gender, when they see them will undoubtedly try to attack (and will immediately be sliced).


Aside from the improvement of it's base characteristics (strength, speed, endurance, etc), this race members gain the ability to summon Ice Blood Familiars (Wolves, Hydras, etc)

List of Known Species

  • Mi (Superior Species)



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