First seen Day 4.

Its rank-up is the Blade Rabbit.


A Horn Rabbit is a brown rabbit with a horn. The size of the Horn Rabbit vary, from small to medium size.
Though the medium sized rabbit is twice the size of the small one, that includes the size of their horn too. After all, average sized horn rabbits are only a bit bigger than a Japanese rabbit.


A Small Horn Rabbit is strong enough to kill a newborn goblin, but with tactics and weapons it can be hunted. the Horn Rabbit makes efficient use of its two legs to execute overhead attacks to kill. The horn pierces from below and towards the abdomen.

Acquired Abilities

  • 【Escape】: when fleeing or running away, the probability of escaping or adapting to the environment increased
  • 【Sharp Horn Generation】

Acquired items

  • Small animal horn
  • Small-medium animal horn

Even though their horns are very sharp, they are a bit too small for human use, but the size is perfect for a goblin. It can't cut like a blade, but has amazing thrusting and piercing power.



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