Hoof Ain is someone who gave up her hometown. She is a female elf who has lived for many years. Also known as the 【Hero of Fortified Wood】 or "Wood Hero".

First seen day 295.


She doesn't like to get involve in things that she is not interested in. Her battle preference is base on defenses and long range attacks.


Hoof Ain is a female elf who lived for many years and is eternally beautiful.


Hoof Ain is a female elf who had given up on her hometown and has lived a great many years. Being the only demi-human hero among the four, she holds an eternal beauty.


Her favorite weapons are the longbow, ≪Furian’s Layered Tree≫, and the poisonous sword, ≪True Steel Poison Sword, Tenfu Fuura≫.
She is also the strongest among the 4 Symbolic Hero of the Sterbild Kingdom.


Father elf - It was stated by Rou that she met and knew the father elf in a prior time before leaving the elven village.

Sub-cast members - Due to being the Hero of Fortified Wood, the Wood Hero has 4 Sub-cast Companions. However not much is said about them.