An【Age of Gods Dungeon】 of God Rank made by 【God of Gambling

Mentioned in earlier days but first seen in person by Rou and company on day 287.

Located literally in the lap of the 【God of Gambling】, countless casinos in the city, although weaker, but still receive a portion of his influence, became a special place, which can be called a part of the dungeon. On the 【Holy Land of Gambling】 are kinds of magical items, slot machines, arranged races between huge monsters, as well as [the battle of swords] being carried out, putting lives at stake, gladiators fighting in the Colosseum, as well as other gambling casinos .

Rou conquer it after beat [Legendary Gambler] as its boss and obtained 【 Dice of Gambling God 】.

Its name was changed by Rou to "Kikoku no Toba" or 【 Gambling House Of Ogre/Oni's Howling 】 on day 290.

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