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Biographical Information
Name Hobuken
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Status Deceased
Professional Information
Race (種族) Hobgoblin
Rank Leader (Former)
Affiliation Goblin Community
Character Information
Location Orc Mines
Novel Debut Day 27
Manga Debut Chapter 7
Hobuken was the former leader of the Community.

Personality Edit

Hobuken's personality was that of a typical hobgoblin: simple-minded and belligerent. This was shown when Rou tried to talk sense to him, Ken threatened to kill him.

Apperance Edit

Hobuken has a appearance that of human but with green skin and two protruding canine teethes from his lower jaw, he also appear to be muscular like Kichi.

History Edit

Hobuken was the leader of the goblin community for years prior to start of the series. Before Rou was born, Ken and the other goblins in his generation left on an expedition. Once they returned with a mountain of items and five human women, Ken was approached by Rou about the females. Rather than listen, he became aggressive and threatened to kill Rou, but Sei convinced them to have a battle to see who will claim the females and lead the Community. In the end, Ken lost the fight and his position as leader.

On the fourth day after the battle, Ken and some of his group tried to rape the human women, but were captured by Rou. Rou soon tortured them, leaving Ken to be the last to face a slow and gruesome death.

Gallery Edit

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