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Race Hobgoblin
Alternative Names 中鬼 (Chuu Oni)

ホブ・ゴブリン (Hobgoblin)

Debut Day 14



Alternative Names:

  • 中鬼 (Chuu Oni)
  • ホブ・ゴブリン (Hobgoblin)

Hobgoblin is the first evolution that all goblins partake when given the opportunity to evolve into a higher ranked species.They are larger, stronger, smarter and more menacing than goblins. It is at this stage that some goblins gain special abilities like magic, greater strength, speed, intelligence, etc.

  • Variant (亜種)(バリアント):
  • Rare Species (希少種): A hobgoblin-rare species is when a goblin ranks up into a hobgoblin which gains different abilities, such as a blessing from a demigod, god, and great god. These rare variants are vastly superior to their counterparts in terms of magic, intelligence and sometimes strength.


The appearances of a Hobgoblin is comparable to that of a Human. Some Hobgoblins even live in Human villages because of how likeable their appearances are to a average human.


Average Size: Between 160 - 170 centimetres.
Standard Skin Color: Green. However, it varies by races.


Average Size: Between 160 - 170 centimetres.
Standard Skin Color: Change depending of the Divine Protection received.


Hobgoblin's are a higher species of goblin, slightly beyond the ability of the average human. A famous monster that fledgling adventurers must overcome once. A nasty opponent to kill in one-on-one. Hobgoblins begin as Goblins who then Rank Up with enough experience giving them superior skill and physical prowess. These things murdered a lot of creatures and gained a level raising from the bottom.


Status: Strength F+ Endurance F+ Agility E- Magic F Luck F Intelligence F


Status: Strength E Endurance F Agility F+ Magic E- Luck F- Intelligence F+



【Command - Demon (Weak)】 It becomes easier to command lower-ranking demons a little bit.

【Intelligence - Very Small (Weak)】 Becomes easier to think before doing.

And others.


【God's Divine Protection】 The name change depending of the blessing of the God. Is possible for it to be a Demigod's. All species can obtain it with a few exceptions.

【Species Evolution】 By experiencing evolution is easier for the next generation to grow faster.

And others.


But it seems that when a human is pregnant with a hobgoblin child it takes about 40 days, when a hobgoblin is pregnant is takes about 50 days.

List of Known Hobgoblins Edit

Subspecies Edit

List of Subspecies of hobgoblin

  • Hobgoblin Mage
  • Hobgoblin Cleric
  • Hobgoblin Shaman
  • Hobgoblin Rider


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