A tier 3 [Rank Up] evolution, the Half Spell Lord is a potential route when a Hobgoblin mage reaches level 100.

Rank Up Routes


Example of Half Spell Lord Appearance:

Supesei (Leader of the Magic unit of the Parabellum mercenaries)

From Rou's point of view:

Her appearance is like that of a human with two small horns.  From her appearance, one could guess that Sei is in the latter half of her early twenties. Rather than calling her cute, an intellectual cool-type beauty who seems like she would look good in a suit.

Her skin is bluish-white that radiates life, green, somewhat tsurime eyes that show intelligence, in the middle of her forehead a sapphire-looking round gem 3 cm in diameter (ogre orb) between a pair of horns, long, ash grey hair that extends down to her waist, and black tattoos on her forearms with patterns similar to Rou’s yet subtly different, these were her characteristics.



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