Golems are a group of monsters that humans possessing a specific job create by using a certain ritual to supply it with magic power. They also exist in places like the Jadar Mountains, though, where the land is full of vitality, magical power and has an abundance of materials.
First mentioned Day 91.


Naturally generated Golems are almost always strong embodiments of the characteristics of the land which they were created from.

The common traits of golems are that they can be active for a very long time and they can easily repair themselves by using materials from the environment, such as soil, stone... They're a famous monster that wanders the dungeons that were made by humans.

Kinds of Golems

Iron Golem

First seen Day 91.

Five of them were artificially created by some skilled man to protect the Clute village.

Rock Golem

First seen Day 153 in the Jadar Mountains.

Can bury more than half of its body in the soil and look like a rock to unknown observers.

Some were created and used by Asue during the Hell Week Festival.

Lava Golem

First mentioned in Day 153.

First seen in Day 240 at the Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain, an [Age of the Gods] dungeon made by the God of Rebirth.

If a volcano is nearby then lava is used to create a Lava Golem.

Desert Golem

First mentioned in Day 153.

If they're in the deserts then a Desert Golem is made out of quicksand.

Ice Golem

First mentioned in Day 153.

If a glacier is nearby then ice and snow are used to create an Ice Golem.

Aquarium ・ Ball Golem

Aquarium ・ Ball Golem is the 35th floor boss of the 【Age of the Gods Dungeon】, made by the 【Demigod of Spring Water】, 【Aquarium Forlia】.
Some Ball Golems were seen Day 209 on the 46th floor as mini-bosses.


It's a perfect sphere of six meters, with a very smooth surface where we can’t even discern a single unevenness.

It’s not clear what material it’s made out of, and despite the transparency, it is hard to see.


It can attack by charging at high speed and using its super hard body.
It has also 2 kinds of water cutters that temporarily absorb water from the surroundings and release it reticulated, making it difficult to evade. Its internal core can rampage and cause a great explosion but this is some kind of suicidal technique.

Acquired Abilities

  • 【Underwater Stalker】 by clearing the condition 【Solo Kill】
  • 【Emergency Retreat】
  • 【High Compression】
  • 【Hard Sphere】

Snow Golem

First seen Day 229 near a lake covered by snow.

They are the favorite prey of a certain type of earthworm, the Snow Eaters.