Gods are powerful beings that shape the world of Re-Monster.


There are three known ranks: Demigod, God and Great God.

Since a God is higher than a Demigod, the blessings and the modifications granted by a God will be stronger than the equivalent type of blessing from a Demigod.

There are only 5 Great Gods, each represented by a specific color with a unique role they provide to the world. (example: Great God of Space time is responsible for bringing otherworlders to the world of re:monster.)


These gods are worshiped by many races and have been known to give [Blessings] and [Divine Protection] to special individuals, which gives them certain degrees of resistance, as well as skills related to the God. These gods hold power over many aspects in the world, which include the various elements.

Known Demigods

  • Demigod of Deep Green
  • Demigod of Clear Water
  • Demigod of Color
  • Demigod of Dancing
  • Demigod of Dark Beasts
  • Demigod of Fire
  • Demigod of Healing
  • Demigod of Lush Green
  • Demigod of Kindness
  • Demigod of Observation
  • Demigod of Roses
  • Demigod of Shaping
  • Demigod of Spring Water
  • Demigod of Staves
  • Demigod of Stone Statue
  • Demigod of Swords
  • Demigod of War
  • Demigod of War Beasts

Known Gods

  • God of Algae
  • God of Blood
  • God of Corrosion
  • God of Darkness
  • God of Death
  • God of Earthquake
  • God of Fate (Schicksal)
  • God of Ice Field
  • God of Inferno
  • God of Gambling
  • God of Gems
  • God of Judgment
  • God of Light
  • God of Lightning
  • God of Magic
  • God of the Mountain
  • God of the Netherworld
  • God of Rebirth
  • God of Iron Rock
  • God of Sunlight
  • God of Storms

Known Great Gods

  • Great God of Origin and Demise
    • Those with this Great God's blessing can wield Demise magic.
    • They also have the Origin ability, which helps them quickly and efficiently learn other types of magic.
  • Great God of Space-Time and Star Sea
    • This Great God brings over Otherworlders from other worlds (including but not necessarily limited to Rou/Kanata's world). It also prepares a divinely forged copy of their original body.
  • Great God of Birth and Wisdom

Details of Known Divine Protections

These are taken either from the story itself, or directly from the author's ability page for Rou.

  • Demigod of Dancing:
    • Applies modifiers to things related to dancing. This includes increasing evasion, etc.
  • Demigod of Fire:
    • Applies modifiers to the Fire System of attacks.
    • Allows those it's bestowed upon naturally to breathe fire at will and have high resistance toward fire. It also turns skin red.
  • Demigod of Kindness:
    • Applies modifiers whenever restorative actions are taken.
  • Demigod of Shaping:
    • Applies modifiers whenever something is made. Grants the ability to quickly learn crafting techniques by watching others. This blessing is the reason why people say "Genius artists aren't a dream."
  • God of Lightning:
    • Applies modifiers to the Lightning System of attacks.
    • Allows those it's bestowed upon naturally to breathe lightning at will and give off static discharge. It also grants high resistance toward lightning.
  • God of Storms:
    • Applies modifiers to the Storm System of attacks.
  • Demigod of Deep Green:
    • When the power of the Demigod of Deep Green is subtly mixed within medicine, the resulting potion becomes extremely rare and displays the effect of an all-purpose / cure-all medicine.



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