Gobujii was an old goblin who managed to live to twenty years old.


Gobujii is the eldest Goblin of the Goblin community, he is the first Goblin that Rou saw when he reincarnates.

Gobujii gives advice and information to Rou about the Rank Up system, information about the monsters, recognizing sub-species, blessings and variants, and gave the new names to Rou and his party when they have reached higher than Hobgoblin: Ogarou, Ogakichi, ...

He died day 180. After giving proper thanks to him, Aporou ate him to obtain some new abilities only a wise and old Goblin could have:

  • Ability learned: 【Old Goblin’s Wisdom】


He looks like most goblins except he has a long, white beard and lots of wrinkles.


A pervert whose lust for younger human girls can't be satisfied even at his ripe old age.


Rou always stops his meetings in order to listen to his stories.