Goblin evolution (3)

  This diagram is made to show the current known evolutions of the goblin.

Small changes still incomplete but getting better.

Hell demon King has been changed to "Asfel Raja" as was strongly suggested to me by a wiki contributor still unsure if this is the correct spelling but I also can't disprove it so this is how it will remain till proven or disproven. Sorry for my lack in ability to translate if this change offendes anyone.

Only other change is that the Goblin bubble is now gold instead of silver so that it could stand out more as the start and also just because I wanted to add just a dash of more color.

Again I'll be back inorder to update the diagram and make changes here and there as well as adding other evolution diagrams.

If you have any information regaring any evolutions of monsters please state them in the comments and I'll see what I can do.