Belongs to the Sternbild Kingdom.

Several decades ago, while the Minister was still young, he was a brave general, known as the 【Silent Destroyer General】 by neighboring countries, who had been on many battlefields.

His first campaign took place in May of the Year 14, where his strength became known in a battle with a neighboring country. After he defeated their commander in a one on one fight, they became a vassal state of the Kingdom.

Since then, he continued to expand the Kingdom's territory with his resourcefulness and military might.

Even though he had his share of wins and losses, on every battlefield he only left the best results, displaying great bravery.

Decades after his first campaign, he had expanded the country's land, saved the lives of many soldiers and brought blessings to the people.

However, sometime after Year 40, on the border of the Republic of Druvan, he received heavy injuries in a battle in a swamp, which surrounded a deposit of the rare mineral Mark ore among other things, forcing him to resign from his position as general. The Republic of Druvan has since ceased to exist after it was divided in half and absorbed by both the Sternbild Kingdom and the Kirika Empire. In this battle he lost his left leg below the knee, his right thumb, right ring finger and right pinky, among other things.

Afterwards, he became a tactician and it was thought he would not leave the battlefield during his lifetime. However, as many expected, he moved into politics.

Sometimes he would put together important bills that would influence the Kingdom's future. Other times he made treaties with other countries that were advantageous to the Kingdom. Like this, he played an active role in politics.

He laid the groundwork, got his activities acknowledged and obtained his current position in a very short amount of time. After that, his position was unshakeable for a long time.

His influence was in no way inferior to that of the king.

Like that, the Minister left many achievements. He is also the big shot that got the Empire to form an alliance with the Kingdom on equal terms, despite the Kingdom being slightly inferior.

Was the head of the Anti-tomboy princess faction.

Reason for opposition to Tomboy Princess: a change of heart for various reasons.