Genki is a former slave from the Kirika Empire's slave army who joined Parabellum after being freed by Rou.


Despite being first seen in Day 81, his name is not known until Day 110. Even so, he is dubbed as Illusion Lord-kun, or simply Illusion-kun.

Joins Parabellum after being freed from the Kirika Empire's slave army. Later, he travels with Rou to Trient and Osvel along with Fuuki and Netsuki. At that time, he was considered to be stronger than his 2 companions.

During a friendly competition with adventurers (with Rou charging admission fees), 1 silver plate (10,000 gold coins) was offered as reward to anyone that could defeat him.

On Day 280 he receives a Demigod's Divine Protection and ranks up to 【Vision Lord - Variant】.


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