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Gascade Barossa Meloi
Biographical Information
Name Gascade Barossa Meloi
Aliases Rock Hero
Gender Male
Title(s) Hero of Iron Rock
Status Alive
Professional Information
Race (種族) Human
Job(s) (職業) Hero
Affiliation Sternbild Kingdom

Four Symbolic Heroes

Character Information
Location Amber Palace
Novel Debut Day 149

A noble from Sternbild Kingdom. 40 year old man. A veteran who has served in the military as a general for a long time with a rock-hard head that’s going bald. His favorite weapon is the huge hammer, [Hammer of Isenbal].

Also known as [Hero of the Iron Rock]. Rou simply refers to him as [Rock Hero].

He owes a favor to the late Minister, thus sides with the Nobles Faction in Sternbild Kingdom's civil war.

History Edit

He owed a favor to the Minister that he couldn't pay back because he died, so he participated in the coup against the Sternbild Kingdom.

Appearance Edit

His most recognizable feature is the fact that he is going bald.

Relationships Edit

  • Gilbert Isla Bardera
  • He had four of his 【Companions/Sub-cast】 surrounding him and they were having a pleasant chat in order to kill time.

By the way, if I were to give a simple description of these four people――

First is the 【Torture Official】, Torturer Ikoi , a brutal man with a slender figure, thin golden hair, and silver-rimmed glasses that he wears over his golden eyes. He's wearing light armor and he has a bar that's similar to a saw with rusted nails concealed inside of his violet cloak.

The next person is the 【Large Cask Head Clerk】, Grasher Pie , a giant man with a size that's comparable to an Ogre. He's wearing full body armor that gives him a generally round form, making him look similar to a large moving barrel. He's equipped with two highly offensive, barrel-like shields that are made of metal, with numerous nails attached to them that are like many blades.

Next up is the 【Indigo Blue Knight】, Christopher Bale Azurite , a good young man that has the appearance of a common knight wearing a dark blue mantle, with indigo blue colored hair and eyes, and looks that made him appear to be faithful and tough. He's wearing dark bluish green colored metal armor below his neck, with only his head being visible.

Finally, there's the 【Weeping Female Barbarian】, Jantuna Na , a crybaby Amazoness with gray eyes, long black hair, radiant dark brown skin, and full breasts. She's using a bow and machete as her weapons, and she's wrapped in native clothes made from beast fur that exposes a lot of her skin.

Arms Edit

His favorite weapon is a huge hammer called

  • Hammer of Isenbal

Gallery Edit

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