< It should have been a simple common quest. However it did not end so easily, in fact it ended in complete failure.

The quest was to escort a medium sized group of merchants from the Merchant Guild «Star God’s Pavilion» to the city of «Toriento» whilst protecting them from bandits and monsters. It should have been an easy going job with little risk. Im a fledgling adventure with no reputation so I am viewed upon with a lack of confidence and competence. However I can acquire work as I am part of the Adventure Guild «Sword of the Weak». A usual group doing this journey would normally number a dozen or less. This group I was in however had 18 fledgling members and 6 senior members for a total of twenty-four people. The large number of participants lowered the income but can be put up with as it 's in order to gain experience.

At first it was good. The road we traveled recently issued monster subjugation requests clearing out most of the monsters, thanks to this it was much more secure. Still, there is a risk. Large chicken monsters 70 centimeters tall called «Misuteddo» would attack in groups of two or three. Although encountering these brings good experience value to the fledgling adventurers who hunt them.

For me and one other fledgling adventurer this was our first escort quest, however because the journey did not have much of a danger, the rest of the group was not at all nervous. Inevitably because there was a lot of free time most of the time was spent talking, as it turned out the only woman adventurer was just me this time. Fortunately everyone was openhearted and carefree, the seniors told stories that are full of information that will be useful for the future. Blacksmith Emery Furado gave me cheap a ring and necklace. Sisters Alma and Felicia made me sweets. Alchemist Spinel Fean gave me a home-brewed stamina recovery drugs (Life Potion). Although the potions are inferior to commercially available ones, stamina is very important. My life could well be saved by this one day. Stamina recovery potions are essential items to adventurers however they are expensive so usually out of reach from a fledgling like me. So I was above all thankful.

With the unexpected income I relaxed my guard. I started thinking about how the quest had gone without a hitch and how I would have a drink in the tavern when we arrived.

But that was not to be.

Suddenly arrows came flying out of surrounding forest and struck the side of the seniors. Apparently the arrows had been coated in a fast-acting poison, we quickly began treatment in a hurry however the seniors died while blowing bubbles from their mouths. And though it was not the first time I had seen people die, I couldn't help thinking of the seniors I was once familiar with that are now a pile of corpses. But now was not the time to think about it. This is because a large amount of monsters had just jumped out from the bushes near the forest and are now heading towards us.



Whilst listening to the roar of fighting spirit I draw my sword, a parting gift from my uncle, «The Sword of Love» a steel short-sword.

【Rubellia Walline Battle Technique(Arts) 【Slash】 Sword】

I was taught the [Warrior] occupation by my uncle and can handle the basic Battle Techniques. A pale red light is lit on the blade of my sword, deadly intention is confined to the blade. Distinctive green skin, pointed ears and ugly faces «Bandit Goblin» the enemy is a Goblin tribe. I aim my blade to cut off the neck, however, the enemy easily parries my sword. With the collision between swords high-pitched sounds occur and sparks scatter. The impact is so hard my hand numbs. My hand has weakened but I still firmly grip my sword. It ok I can still fight. However for the Bandit Goblin in front it is different. The shock of the previous blow caused it to drop its sword leaving it unarmed. Regarding my combat profession at level 10, I am a considered a low-level [Warrior] It has only been a month since I became an adventurer. However I originally grew up with my family as a [Farmer] at level 48 this caused my muscle strength and durability to increase to make up the difference.

The hard day-to-day farming operations have made my arms strong and hands sturdy helping my keep hold of my sword and not fall back. Only for a moment I think back upon those days . I desperately swing my sword again and aim to kill. But the Bandit Goblin blocked my sword with a the round shield at the last minute. I slightly damaged the round shield but was unable to strike a mortal wound. The enemy is also desperate. However, it was able to still break the posture of the Bandit Goblin. Without giving the opportunity to escape I aim at the exposed thigh not covered with Hide Armour.


【Rubellia Walline Battle Technique(Arts) 【Slash】 Sword】

Blade sharpness is increased by the Arts. It tears through the meat, but momentum slows as it cuts into the hard bone. I still succeeded in cutting off the leg. Fresh blood spewing from the wound. I raise the shortsword high in order to give the decisive blow on the Bandit Goblin who groans in pain while clutching the cut leg desperately. I hammer in the single blow into the crown of the head. Without resistance my sword cuts through the skull, the splattering brains and blood stained some of my leather armor.

"Behind you!!Look out!!"

A male adventurer of the same age as me Charles called out. I turned around equiping my shield in my left hand and pushed forward.

【Rubellia Walline Battle Technique(Arts) 【Shield Bash】 Shield】

Pale blue light wrapped around my shield as I struck the Bandit Goblin on its head. It was unable to avoid the instant suprise attack. Shield Arts are originally known for their great hardness. The strike broke the Bandit Goblins nose causing a gushing nosebleed as the large Bandit Goblin's body fell back.

The【Shield Bash】 causes a 【Knock Back】 effect breaking their stance.

I seize the chance and rush in cutting of the head of the Bandit Goblin. I don't use Battle Technique here as they consume lots of physical and mental strength. I slash through the neck of the Bandit Goblin unopposed due to the broken stance beforehand. I cut an artery, and fresh blood spouts out like a fountain. The blade is chipped a little when I cut through the bone. In the corner of my view I see a figure of an enemy aiming at me. I avoid the large spiked club that is clearly to much to block with my small shield and I jump back at once. "Tsuu!"

The club which was swung disturbed my balance. There wasn't any damage, and I succeeded in taking distance. However that seems to have been the aim of the enemy.


「Why is a Bandit Hobgoblin here!!」

A formidable enemy, a «Bandit Hobgoblin» has appeared from my blind spot releasing a fearsome cry.

Hobgoblin's are a higher species of goblin, slightly beyond the ability of the average human. A famous monster that fledgling adventurers must overcome once. A nasty opponent to kill one-on-one, I had seen a battle with a hobgoblin that had previously caught my Uncle and he had some trouble. Hobgoblins begin as Goblins who then Rank Up with enough experience giving them superior skill and physical prowess. This thing murdered a lot of creatures and gained a level rising from the bottom.

The Bandit Hobgoblin strikes out with its powerful fist. It doesn't hit me, I defended against it with the round shield which I held at once. However, probably because there wasn't time to use Arts, The round shield let an unpleasant sound, and was slightly damaged. I felt as if I collided with something huge, just after that, My body was flying backwards. Initially as I rolled across the ground I couldn't understand what happened. But it was a simple story, their was no trick just pure power. My round shield that took the attack is somewhat smashed at the part that was beaten and my the bones in my left arm are broken unable to move satisfactorily. As I continued to roll I hit my head upon a stone or something hard and started to lose my consciousness. I caught sight of the blood which flowed over as my sight is dyed red.

Exhausted. I want to rest but its impossible. My body is physically busting in pain, blood is gushing, I pierce my sword into the ground to support myself as I stand. My legs are shaking as I look around but I still stand. The Bandit Hobgoblin apart from skin color have features which resemble a human being however this one is ugly. It is the most ugly hobgoblin that I've ever seen. It stares at me with eyes that were tinged with intelligence. As it watched it had a vulgar smile on its face. A swelling crotch vividly expresses it. I suppress the nausea to well up from the mental thought and I demand help from people with my eyes. It is strong. I am strong, but this isn't an opponent an inexperienced adventurer like me can handle. If there are three people, I can comparatively kill it. I must be able to defeat it somehow when I say three people if there are only two people. Somebody, Anybody. I looked around the battlefield desperately while rubbing the left eye on which my view is blurred with blood.

However there is no one, everyone is busy just surviving.

The seniors who could have helped us were killed first. The fledgling adventurers have scattered, panicking, it has become a critical situation because we were inexperienced. I try to gather the remaining forces, only eighteen people, including me. They are cut from behind as they try to flee. Others are then burned by fireball projectiles there is a mage too!! Mage are able to exercise the powerful art of witchcraft. I was attacked by an illusion, my visibility becomes dark. fledgling adventurers against a mage is only a massacre. If you have a long distance attack method such as bow a fight can somehow be devised. However I do not have a long-range attack method as a warrior, most warriors are killed by magic before entering a distance a sword can be used. I look around for the voice I heard earlier, Charles is more competent than me. I see two Bandit Goblins before my eyes.

The war situation is the worst.

But I don't want to give it up. As an adventurer I know how it will turn out if I give up. As a female I will be taken away, used to satisfy their desire. Continuously violated by force and made pregnant with goblin children until I die. Such an existence. Like livestock. It's disgusting. It's absolutely disgusting. I would rather be murdered. My parents have both died and I have no lover. So, it's good if I am killed. I accept death. But I refuse to just be raped and then dying like an animal.

From the field pack around my waist I take out the Life Potion I got from Spinel. Luckily it was not broken and I swallow it at once. I taste a subtle sweetness in my mouth. I feel the pain my my joins decrease. My left arm moves without problem and my fatigue has gone. I heard that this was inferior to the commercial version however to me the effects seem amazing. I will fight. I wont give up!


It was no good Bandit Goblins had surrounded Charles killing him. After that I got stunned and eventually got caught. My limbs have been restricted by rope and a gag placed over my mouth. Its hard to understand the Goblin language but it seems we will arrive at their home soon. This is the worst. The bulging crotch of Bandit Hobgoblin who defeated me crosses my mind. The vision approaching has an obscene smile with a vulgar laughter. Its unpleasant. I do not want to be violated by that. I hate, hate, hate!, I hate it, I hate tsutsutsu! This will be my future. I should have fled earlier. I can no longer escape. My limbs are bound, I cant even bite my tongue.

As we are being carried I prayed to the God of Fate «Shikkuzaru». Surely in this world God certainly exists. That God will answer my prayer is unlikely but I have to try. Even if its a gamble their is slight hope.

But praying will not change the situation. I look up at those who I was trusted to defend but failed. The other women who are in the same circumstances as me. Emery, Felicia, Alma, and Spinel. Even now they did not blame me. My heart aches. I cry. I fell sick that I am so weak. I am ashamed. Ashamed and apologized to everyone with my eyes. Apologize from the bottom of my heart. I'm sorry I am weak.

I recall memories of my parents, memories of my uncle. Tears flow out without stopping. In the distance in this remote location I can see caves.

Suddenly my luck begins to change.

As we approach the cave we could see many Goblins but one caught my attention. A body that was colored in black, I could hardly believe my eyes. I have heard rumors of seeing brown skinned goblins living in mines. Usually their skin should be green. It is a dark black which paints a picture of darkness. This black one must be protected by one of the Gods. A subspecies that appeared after Rank Up. As I think that the black Hobgoblin approaches and begins to speak.

"Those women. Can you release them into my custody?"

On the surface was he is gentle-looking, but as he speaks an overpowering voice was heard. His attractive body retains a charismatic charm. I am attracted to his power which I don't have. Coming here to meet him was my destiny. From here marked the beginning of my fate.>

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