Fuuki is a former slave from the Kirika Empire's slave army who joined Parabellum after being freed by Rou.




Despite being first seen in Day 81, her name is still not known. Even so, she is dubbed as Wind Lord-san, or simply Wind-san.

She joined Parabellum after being freed from the Kirika Empire's slave army.
After seeing that Parabellum was only led by an Ogre (Ogarou) she decided along with Netsuki and probably Genki to rebel and take the command. But they were easily beaten...
Rou decided to use her Ogre Orb to make some experiments.

Later, she traveled with Rou to Trient and Osvel along with Genki and Netsuki.

During a friendly competition with adventurers (with Rou charging admission fees), 1,000 gold coins were offered as reward to anyone that could defeat her.

On Day 280 she receives a Demigod's Divine Protection and ranks up to 【Storm Lord - Variant】.




Fuuki joined Parabellum and desires to battle their strongest members and one day defeat them.