The Funeral Volcano or Divine Volcano of Wailing Ghosts is the name given by Rou to the God ranked Fire Dungeon [Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain] that was mentioned on Day 221 and in which the action from Day 231 up to 252 (when it is renamed) takes place.

Using the ability [Dungeon Creation] Rou change some specs of the dungeon, such as:

  • adding a number of traps and mechanisms,
  • adding treasure chests that offer more items to adventurers.

Rou also added some new monsters to the dungeon that were something worth being concerned about. Those monsters are:

  • [Black Gremlins] which have an ability to use a nasty substance that inflicts status conditions.
  • [Lava Devils] a hidden monster whose body is covered with lava.

Also, upon capturing the dungeon, all of the creatures became affected by Rou's Great God blessing, so they all turned black.

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