Fu is one of the goblins from Rou's generation. Like Me, she at first is one of the minor members of Rou's group, but later, after ranking up several times, her abilities allow her to stand out and she plays a much larger role as one of the 8 Demon Generals.


She is a lively and imaginative girl.

She seems to linger around after a hunt, snacking on and collecting meat that seems spoiled to others. She has an unusual laugh.

She seems to have disturbing interests - but also likes cute things. She likes “fermented” meat that seems rotten to others.

Fu doesn't have the greatest of personality traits. She prefers to spend time with corpses and the undead. If the smell of rotting flesh wasn't bad enough, after gaining the God of Corrosion's blessing she rusts and corrodes anything she touches, so no one wants to be near her. This plus all the rumors going around about her tend to make her socially withdrawn. Fu is also a big fan of BL, frequently thinking of her favorite imaginary pairings.

She often talks of corrupted delusions of debauchery.
She lives life at her pace and invites other girls to her “Sisterhood,” some kind of hobby group. One of their topics is “Boys’ Love Stories.” She preaches the “truth” of her fantasies like a missionary.



After Fu ranks up to Ghoul, most of her body's flesh became rotten with a delicious taste according to Rou.
With the pale face skin, there is a black tattoo which is similar to others crafted onto it (on her calves in the manga). Her hair becomes black.


After ranking up to Fimerotto she no longer looks like a rotting corpse and her appearance becomes beautiful though she still has lifeless looking skin (if it weren't for the smell, you probably wouldn't know she was undead).

Some chose her as one of the beauties of Parabellum - but others demanded her exclusion because of her repulsive characteristics.


She seems more fragile - but her crazy eyes always give off an eerie, dim glow. She has a twisted smile.

Rank Up (存在進化) (ランクアップ)

Note that although the kanji for her "Fu" name actually does not change how it's read. It's still read as "Fu". ^^


Type Name Day

Gobufu (ゴブ浮)

Day 1
Hobgoblin Mage (subspecies) Hobufu (ホブ浮) Day 61
Ghoul Gurufu (グル腐) Day 81 (manga: Day 84)
Fimerotto Variant Irofu (イロ腐) Day 197
Adelheid New Species Aifu (アイ腐) Day 244


Hobgoblin Mage

Fu was able to use some magics although she's inferior to Sei-san.


She may able access to the skill of magics. According to Rou, she gave off a strong aura of danger.

The enemy cannot focus on battle when nearby her.


She can corrode what she touches directly - and she overwhelms enemy’s noses with various strong odors.


  • God of Corrosion’s Divine Protection (Day 176)


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